Old House Budget Renovation – Part 01

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I recently started the renovation of an old house. I started removing the Concrete floors, to lay in some new pipes for the district heating system, and preparing for …


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  1. Mary Forbes says

    Keep up the good work 💪

  2. Michelle Price says

    Why not leave it and put down new flooring?

  3. Ricardo Silva says

    I just remembered a scene from the 1983 "the day after" movie. When a Man try to explain some farmers to be safe to grow crops they just need to remove six inches of top soil. That was the part of the movie that made me cry.

  4. Carlos Hernandez says

    Well old can the house be if its got a slab foundation?

  5. athulya madhu says

    I feel so exhausted just by watching it🥺

  6. Dawn Boyer says

    I wanna know – did you find Jimmy Hoffa?!?!? 😂😂😂

  7. Follow YOU says

    how much the cost of renovation?

  8. Tsogo Ayurzana says

    You have to have army of tools, hardware and truck to make these job going smoothly.

  9. elzbieta Muciek says

    I admire how much work it was to renovate the whole house. For this, materials cost money, tools. We also plan to renovate my grandmother's old house, and the cost of building materials, tools scares me, my husband wants to do everything himself, so he has to buy everything, even the workbench wants https://simplehandyman.co.uk/best-workbench-uk -reviews /

  10. Michele says

    Oh my goodness. Moving concrete is a HUGE back-breaking job. I've never seen construction like this. I'm guessing this is not in the United States? Glad I found this series…. I'm looking forward to watching it!

  11. Scentsei says

    The soundtrack is amazing. Does anybody by chance know the name?


    What a renovation

  13. Franco Zamora says

    What happened around 2:19? I know pretty much nothing about electrical stuff…or house stuff really…but I want to.

  14. Morris San says


  15. Jim Zucker says

    you were going to make a much better video by talking and describing what are you doing instead of putting music

  16. LaMonte Kendrick says

    Kendrick historian poet
    That's no budget renovation, that's one man with the will and knowledge to do the labor and labor of a crew, nothing wasted , time nor material. Good job.

  17. jay huang says

    That’s crazy. I’m doing this too, back breaking. Hate concrete work.

  18. Хорошо. Приходите в гости на мой канал. Всех благ!

  19. Scarlett Mapachee says

    omg it’s friday the 13th at 3am on a december
    I really need to go pee help me I’m scared

  20. wurly164 says

    I had old carpet I had to take up the same way

  21. Jaz Room says

    Love the music

  22. Ashley Tiede says

    Save money on new flooring for your home renovation at ReallyCheapFloors.com

  23. N M says

    At that point I’d just give up

  24. khallody1/ خلودي/ says

    قاعد يشتغل هو لوحده

  25. kiran asif says

    this guy is superman like wth

  26. thomas feeney says

    I restored a 200yr old small cottage myself over three years. Back breaking, but worth it. Most of all, DON'T GIVE UP ! Build time for breaks away. Then, when something is troubling you and you don't know what to do, you feel refreshed and suddenly hit on a solution. I loved doing it. When I look back at the pictures I took (take many as a point of reference and to remind you what progress you have made) I just can't believe that I did it. I rebuilt it, replaced walls, did most of the plumbing, did all of the rewiring, put in a multifuel wood burner and lots more. Got it all building regs approved. KEEP GOING !


    Wagu bin jelek

  28. D says

    I know it's a little too late but next time your probably better off framing a temporary opening to bring a skid steer in between all the work you do in this video and part 2 it would have been worth it. They cheap to rent also.

  29. Sara Hernandez says


  30. Lisa says

    With all of this effort, which is amazing, why not build from scratch?

  31. Higazi Higazi says

    Unbelievable….. teach me your way master …
    can you work for other ..I peg you please

  32. Luke Tremble says

    Out house bro

  33. Potato Friezz says

    Even on 0.25 speed its soo fast xd

  34. Sparklein Youreyes says

    What is he made of steal !! Energizer bunny !! Another great video !! 👍

  35. Sparklein Youreyes says

    My body and muscles aches in places I didn’t know exist after watching all the work he does in his videos !! Wow

  36. Surendra Singh says

    kash mein bhi itni fast apna kaam khatm kar pata.

  37. Ryder21 says

    I’m assuming the concrete floor was removed to allow for a bit taller ceiling? I sure as hell wouldn’t have started there first myself but, to each their own I suppose.

  38. heat flux says

    I will never understand how can somebody do this hard work 9 hours 6 days per week . Thats insane. The money is good, im interested in building something,that would be satisfaction ,I will try but I think I will burn out after 2 days. Im 31 btw.

  39. jules wins says

    Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier and cheaper just to reseal the concrete floor and put new flooring over it?

  40. joan gutierrez says

    Omg is he the only one?

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